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Impact is Change – Defining the Pathway to Positive Impact

Having an impact means driving change, but that doesn’t mean that all impact investment strategies are driving positive change. We speak often about the semantics of impact and ESG, and as the sector expands, so too must the nuance of these terms be explored and refined.

Mary Delahunty knows this well. She is founder and managing director at Seven Advisory, she works with a range of clients from large institutional investment managers, through to startups seeking investment. She knows impact, but she also knows where ESG fits when assessing risk.

In this piece, she explains her perceptions on how ESG and impact investing fit together, but also, she offers insight into the understanding (and misunderstanding) that she encounters in working with her clients.

Are directors next to feel the greenwashing heat?

On February 28th, 2023, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) did something it had never done before, and the entire financial services industry is watching.

ASIC announced that it had commenced civil penalty proceedings against Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited (Mercer) for allegedly engaging in greenwashing.

The path of the escalation is not new, it’s the next steps that will have industry participants on edge. What should directors be concerning themselves with right now? And what about external investment managers with contractual obligations to implement ESG claims?

Without meaningful intervention, the number of older homeless women will double

When Emma Dawson took to the stage at the National Gallery of Victoria to launch the latest report she authored on women and homelessness, A Home of One’s Own, she was both a woman on a mission and a woman – understandably – running short on patience.

As one of the speakers on the subsequent panel, the Managing Director of the Seven Advisory Mary Delahunty, would later say, “Emma has written about women and homelessness in every way, from every angle, in every font imaginable for years”.

And yet the number of older women experiencing homelessness is expected to double over the next decade, with little done to address the problem.

The Ethical Investor: Gender diversity’s state of play in the workplace

Women are still underrepresented in the workplace
Despite modest gains in representation over the last eight years since McKinsey has been conducting this report, women – and especially women of colour – are still dramatically underrepresented.

The Ethical Investor is Stockhead’s weekly look at ESG moves. This week’s special guest is Seven Advisory’s Mary Delahunty.